A Poem: For friends in hard places

A Poem: For friends in hard places

Epilepsy Brain Waves – Photo (c) WebMD.com

Epilepsy Brain Waves – Photo (c) WebMD.com

A Poem: For friends in hard places

Turning a blind eye
This happened 

Still turning blind eyes
Aren’t we all
Short to tall

Still we don’t see that
Those around the equator 
Have the most brain waves of us all

Cerebrally speaking
They are on fire

Crossed wires
In crossfire
Imagine that, do

I spy lie

Ask why
No hope
Give hope

Save lives
#35 million to go

Illustration by Eli, 14 years old, median patient age @TeleEEG
Poem by her Mother.

Eli Eppsy (Anag) Epilepsy

Epilepsy sits patiently in the equatorial waiting room of world health and has since 4000 BC.  

Officially one of the world’s oldest recognized conditions, the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirms, with written records dating back this far.

Out of sight, out of mind?  The 35 million people living nearest the equator worldwide are those most affected and are urgently in need of medical intervention.

If a country, they would be 27th largest in the world.  But this disease, the most stigmatised of all, makes them invisible – and their call.

The issue is the treatment gap, for 136 poor countries in our world.  Lack of access to basic devices and skilled medics.  

Today technology is our friend.  We can be here, and we can be there.  ‘Beam me up Scotty‘.  

When diagnosed with an EEG machine (our highly specialist medical volunteers – a virtual global team – do this for free) and treated (with medication gifted by partners that costs just $3.50 per person month per person) 70% can go on to lead ‘normal’ seizure-free lives instead of their being hurt, chained, victimised, outcast, abused and killed. 

See www.teleeeg.org/epilepsyandme/

Our hope is that you will ‘get’ and help convey this global health message. 

So that all those who can get involved, will do so.       

For the majority of Doctors in the West, this is news to them too.

What counts is what YOU CAN DO.

I’m in …

* Gift to create life-saving remote TeleEEG clinics, £5 or £50 / month

BASIC PLAN – TeleEEG REmote Support
£5 per month

PREMIUM PLAN – TeleEEG Remote Support
£50 per month

From Nepal to Myanmar
Haiti to Congo, we go far
Kenya, Pakistan and all others too
We will do all we can for you.

TeleEEG, Virtual Global Team of Volunteer Epilepsy Doctors

Come along, are you waiting for an invitation? 
You got it … 

* Volunteer resources: Your Time – We Need Your Help

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