Edward Shabangu, TeleEEG Clinic Eswatini

Edward Shabangu, TeleEEG Clinic Eswatini


I am a Mental health nurse and a TeleEEG technician since 2016, based in the main hospital in the capital, Mbabane in Eswatini. 

I share my psychiatric service space with EEG on specific days. Once a week I work together with visiting neurologist in the diagnosis and management of epilepsy and other neurologic conditions. My main services are mental health education, management and rehabilitation of mental health conditions. 

Dr Steven Coates came to Eswatini to perform an on-site training in EEG and later Anne Clarke also came to fine tune the skill. I am having a smooth working relationship with them to deliver high quality care to the people living with epilepsy in Eswatini. 

In January 2023, I was sent by TeleEEG to pioneer a successful TeleEEG station and train local staff in Makoanyane military Hospital in Maseru Lesotho. The service is currently doing very well and run by 4 medical specialists who double up as soldiers. It was a very pleasant experience where skill and experience was developed.

My aspirations are specifically on achieving a status of epilepsy specialist: epileptologist and or EEG interpreter. Now and again I have been  enrolling with EAMC for LMIC online classes, which have broaden my understanding of epilepsy assessment, diagnosis and management.

Long Service Achievement – Edward Shabangu

Thank you Edward. Your continued efforts and contribution through TeleEEG for those in need are recognised and sincerely appreciated. 

Dr Steve Coates, TeleEEG CEO


  1. Marabishi Jasmin says:

    Congratulations Edward Shabangu, I am proud of you! Africa and Haiti are proud of you! I would like to learn from you!

    I appreciate a lot your hard work through TeleEEG and your aspiration to become an EEG specialist. Please, visit this website: studyEEGonline.com It’s an online distance learning programs in the clinical neurosciences developed by the Neurological Association of South Africa (NASA), in collaboration with the University of Cape Town. I believe in you!

    Your brother

  2. Congratulations Edward. You thoroughly deserve recognition for your continual high-quality work serving your community.

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