Outreach in Mongolia

Outreach in Mongolia

TeleEEG outreach clinics for epilepsy in Mongolia

Not one, but two clinics have been enabled this weekend in Mongolia by TeleEEG to help address the epilepsy treatment gap diagnosis and accurate treatment of epilepsy. The base clinic is located at RehabMed in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital city, the second being an outreach clinic facility.

Dr Steve Coates, TeleEEG Founder, CEO & Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist, pictured leading the TeleEEG team training of RehabMed in Mongolia, along with Anne Clarke, TeleEEG Trustee and & Lead Clinical Physiologist specialising in Neurophysiology.

Mongolia is the world’s most sparsely populated sovereign state, with Ulaanbaatar reportedly the coldest capital city in the world, by annual average temperature.

RehabMed Clinic predominantly supports patients with ailments such as musculoskeletal problems due to falls and mental health problems including anxiety, depression and insomnia. Now that their team has received the donations of EEG equipment and training, and have been connected with TeleEEG online support platform, our volunteer Doctors from around the world will log in to offer support, diagnosis and treatment advice for each EEG patient case recording the clinics upload from Mongolia.

28% of Mongolians live in extreme poverty, for those suffering epilepsy this service is designed to enable them to access free EEG diagnosis via TeleEEG. With accurate diagnosis, the correct treatment can be given with the aim of preventing seizures, improving and saving lives.

Special thanks go to Dr Saul Crandon for his recent Scottish marathon fundraiser with contributions gratefully received from Ian Robertshaw of Durham Elvet Rotary International, Gabriel Ofovwe, Gareth Payne, Michelle Mora, Mary Lynch, Miranda Jelbart, Lorraine Price, Michelle Mora, Steve Crandon, Julie Crandon, Kevin Ness, Jéssica Souza, Joan Kane, Alison Cronie, Jumuna Thapa-Magar, Kim Caisley, Zac Mccaul, Marie MacNicol, Deb Shaw, Lois & Dyl Crandon, Robert Herrington, Carys Crandon, Alex Crandon, Lloyd Chalke and all those who donated anonymously to the marathon fundraiser which has raised £725 to date and remains open for donations should you wish to help cover the cost of this much needed medical aid enablement to address the epilepsy treatment gap in Mongolia. www.gofundme.com/f/teleeeg

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  1. Oscar Martinez says:

    Good morning,
    I’m a Neurologist, specialized in Epilepsy & EEG.
    I wish to help people of Mongolia.
    Reading EEGs, and treat people with Epilepsy from Mongolia!

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