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February 8.
International #epilepsyday

Help raise #epilepsyawareness for the 50 Million people affected by #epilepsy in the world.

Together we aim to close the Epilepsy Treatment Gap.

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Our median patient age is 14 years old.

Our global virtual team of volunteers support TeleEEG clinics in the hardest to reach and most challenged of places in the world.

Share your story with TeleEEG.

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‘Epilepsy and me’ @TeleEEG by Mr Zaman Soomro, Founder & President of EMF
Epilepsy Medicare Foundation, Nawabshah, Sindh, PAKISTAN
ESWATINI Epilepsy Organization Video Testimonial ‘Epilepsy and me’ @TeleEEG
For full video from ESWATINI see https://youtu.be/CNYiLo7lZZw

…I had my TeleEEG test done in Lusaka Zambia under epilepsy association of Zambia and report from TeleEEG sent by Dr A Forster.
I was happy to see improvement in my condition since first test and start of my medication in Dec 2017.
I was very passionate at school for higher studies but was distracted by the illness.

A Personal Story shared by Irfan Patel, Lusaka, ZAMBIA
‘Epilepsy and me’ – @TeleEEG
Dr Steve Coates, TeleEEG Founder & CEO – ‘Epilepsy and me’
Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist