12 New Clinic Applications From Namibia to Tobago

12 New Clinic Applications From Namibia to Tobago

Dr Khinthan Nwe improvises a method for hyperventilation!

Improvising Hyperventilation

As we reflect on our 8th year operating TeleEEG and approach our 4th year as a registered charity, I would like to say a special thank you for your continued support and contribution:

  • We have established 31 EEG clinics in the developing world, providing equipment, training and ongoing diagnosis.  
  • With over 10,000 EEG’s remotely diagnosed by our team of 45 consultants volunteering time and expertise for those most in need of this specialist intervention.  
  • We have an average response time of 3.8 days, committing to 24 hour response for urgent and 5 days for routine cases.  
  • Our median patient age is currently 14 years old, though our patients are of all ages.  

This stellar work to help close the epilepsy treatment gap, in under-resourced countries, is increasingly being commended around the world and we want to do more.

Today, there are hospitals in 12 countries asking for our help in Namibia, Zanzibar, El Salvador, Benin, Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Trinidad and Tobago, Paraguay, Zimbabwe, Colombia and India.

It costs £6,000 to enable each new clinic with an EEG machine, in-person training for 3 healthcare staff and ongoing remote support technologies.   

“If you, or someone you know, can help contribute to the set-up of these new clinics by way of donation of funds or equipment for EEG interpretation then please donate online or let us know

I look forward to sharing further updates with you as together we continue to expand the reach of our charitable TeleEEG services.   

Best wishes,

Dr Steven Coates, CEO TeleEEG

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