27th September 2023
TeleEEG Research Abstract on the feasibility of a philanthropic system as a global solution to help reduce the epilepsy treatment gap in developing countries

The feasibility of a philanthropic system as a global solution to help reduce the epilepsy treatment gap in developing countries

TeleEEG is delighted to report that our research was selected for poster presentation at the 35th International Epilepsy Congress #IEC2023 which took place September 2023 in […]
31st August 2023

Dr Go!

TeleEEG volunteer Doctor Saul Crandon will be running to raise funds for TeleEEG in the upcoming Great Scottish Run half marathon on Sunday October 1st 2023. […]
20th June 2023
Durham Elvet Club of Rotary International Logo

UPDATE Ukraine – Support Enabled at 4 Hospitals

Thank you to all our team and partners for making this project work. Teams arrived from Kharkiv, Kyiv and Lviv despite being interrupted by disruptions from inbound rockets and the ongoing war.  
18th April 2023
TeleEEG ICU HRIAG Dominican Republic

TeleEEG® in the Dominican Republic

A ground-breaking moment was to assign the newly donated device by TeleEEG also as a portable device, which would provide EEG services to those patients that cannot be transported to the EEG unit of the hospital. 
18th April 2023
TeleEEG Ukraine

Support Remote EEG Interpretation for Ukraine

APPEAL – Can you help? The war in Ukraine has made significant demands on the provision of healthcare to the country including chronic conditions such as […]
13th February 2023

Powerful Presentation – GAMBIA

Congratulations to team Foundation for Epilepsy and Stigma Support – Gambia for your continued dedication, positive energy and great team spirit. FESS-GAM Vice President Dr John […]
1st February 2023
Dr Steve Coates, CEO of TeleEEG - Training Hospital Health Care Workers in Bolivia

Bespoke Healthcare Supports Life-Saving Clinics Overseas

Life-saving epilepsy clinics will be equipped and supported across South America, Africa and Asia thanks to the kindness of Bespoke Healthcare Limited of Lancashire. The leadership […]
1st December 2022
TeleEEG Clinics World Map EEG Interpretation for the developing world

Join Us – Can you help?

TeleEEG – Recruiting Volunteer EEG Interpreters JOIN OUR GLOBAL VIRTUAL TEAM: SAVE LIVESVolunteer EEG Interpreters | Remote Support + Diagnosis of EPILEPSY “Helping people get access […]
1st December 2022
TeleEEG Global Epilepsy Charity

Patience Pays for Sierra Leone

Since 2019, medical teams at Hospitals in Sierra Leone, along with their various supporters and advocates have been patiently waiting and campaigning for access to free […]
15th November 2022
TeleEEG Training In Pakistan

Quality Results in Pakistan

In October 2022, Dr Steve Coates and Anne Clarke, primary care team and founding trustees behind global epilepsy charity TeleEEG, in consultation with Michael Wright and Dominic […]
1st November 2022
Epilepsy Assessment & Management Course

Epilepsy Assessment & Management Course (4.0) for Clinicians

NEW FOR 2023 :- ROW Foundation is pleased to announce sponsorship of the next Epilepsy Assessment & Management Course (4.0) for clinicians, offered by Pretola Global Health & Consulting (UK) beginning in […]
10th August 2022
Turtle in Galapagos

Galápagos Islands – Remote TeleEEG Service Connected

The wild and undulating lava landscapes of the Galápagos Islands lie 600 miles from the coastline of Ecuador. The ecosystem of this infamous archipelago has been […]
21st June 2022

Message of Appreciation

Hello, I am Sister Doctor Bridget Yabo, Medical Director of Haske Dominican Hospital, Dabai, Zuru, Kebbi State, Nigeria. On behalf of the management staff of our […]
23rd May 2022
University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, Rivers State, Nigeria

Rotary Club of Darlington Supports Epilepsy Diagnosis in Nigeria

The latest hospital clinic to be enabled with TeleEEG® remote diagnosis of epilepsy, and other serious neurological conditions, is the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, […]
2nd May 2022
Sucre Bolivia

Three Cheers for Bolivia

Our intrepid team has just returned from a mammoth effort enabling not one but three clinics in Bolivia for the benefit of patients living in the […]
21st March 2022
Donate while you shop at Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile

You shop. Amazon gives. Amazon donates to the charitable organisation of your choice. Sign in using your existing Amazon account to get started.
12th February 2022
Tena Upper Basin Equador

TeleEEG in Ecuador

As the narrow boat slips quietly along the Amazon tributary, the peaceful stillness of the water is pierced by a cacophony from the surrounding rainforest canopy.
26th January 2022

Gift to create life-saving remote TeleEEG clinics, £5 or £50 a month

Gift to create life-saving remote TeleEEG clinics, £5 or £50 / month
19th July 2021
Anee Clarke Award Winning Physiologist

Award Winning Physiologist – Anne Clarke

We hope you will join us in congratulating our colleague Anne Clarke, a specialist clinical physiologist within neurophysiology working in Truro NHS Hospital for the Royal […]
15th April 2021
Epilepsy Brain Waves – Photo (c) WebMD.com

A Poem: For friends in hard places

Turning a blind eye This happened. Still turning blind eyes, Aren’t we all? Epilepsy sits patiently in the equatorial waiting room of world health and has since 4000 BC
20th December 2019
Haiti Porto Prince TeleEEG Clinic

Haiti & Zambia | USA & 2020

Epilepsy Diagnosis by Telemedicine | TeleEEG Clinics in the Developing WorldCharitable Giving – Equipment, Training, Volunteer Consultants As we near the end of 2019, I would […]