3rd September 2019
Dr Khinthan Nwe improvises a method for hyperventilation!

12 New Clinic Applications From Namibia to Tobago

As we reflect on our 8th year operating TeleEEG and approach our 4th year as a registered charity, I would like to say a special thank you for […]
3rd September 2019
Partnership Working TeleEEG Clinic

Partnership Working

To further expand the reach and impact of our charitable service, we continue to forge new partnerships with organisations around the world. We are delighted to report […]
20th January 2017

Photos from our December clinic in Swaziland

We held an EEG clinic in Swaziland over New Year - here are just a few photos from our time there.
20th January 2017

Letter of Acknowledgment from Swaziland

Back in November, we received a great letter of thanks from Mbusomuni Mahlalela; the National Director of the Swaziland Epilepsy Association. It gives me great pleasure […]
8th December 2016

TeleEEG service launches in Swaziland

A poster advertising the launch of the TeleEEG service in Swaziland
12th February 2022
Tena Upper Basin Equador

TeleEEG in Ecuador

As the narrow boat slips quietly along the Amazon tributary, the peaceful stillness of the water is pierced by a cacophony from the surrounding rainforest canopy.
26th January 2022

Gift to create life-saving remote TeleEEG clinics, £5 or £50 a month

Gift to create life-saving remote TeleEEG clinics, £5 or £50 / month
19th July 2021
Anee Clarke Award Winning Physiologist

Award Winning Physiologist – Anne Clarke

We hope you will join us in congratulating our colleague Anne Clarke, a specialist clinical physiologist within neurophysiology working in Truro NHS Hospital for the Royal […]
15th April 2021
Epilepsy Brain Waves – Photo (c) WebMD.com

A Poem: For friends in hard places

Turning a blind eye This happened. Still turning blind eyes, Aren’t we all? Epilepsy sits patiently in the equatorial waiting room of world health and has since 4000 BC
23rd November 2020


LATEST:  Donations this month kindly pledged from the Durham Club of Rotary International and ROW Foundation will help us enable three new clinics with TeleEEG support […]
17th November 2020

Award for Service to Clinical Neurophysiology

With great pleasure we announce that on 13th November the Christine and Adrian Fowle Prize for Service to Clinical Neurophysiology was awarded to Dr Steve Coates, […]
17th November 2020
TeleEEG Diagnosis of Epilepsy by Telemedicine

Innovations in Global Mental Health

In 2019, TeleEEG was invited by Dr. Sam O. Okpaku M.D., Ph.D., Editor in Chief, to write a chapter about TeleEEG for the Springer Reference publication […]
8th June 2020

Rotary Donation Enables Creation of Life Saving Clinic

A life-saving clinic has been set up in the Democratic Republic of Congo thanks to a donation from Darlington Rotary. Rotary gave £1,500 to the UK charity […]
20th December 2019
Haiti Porto Prince TeleEEG Clinic

Haiti & Zambia | USA & 2020

Epilepsy Diagnosis by Telemedicine | TeleEEG Clinics in the Developing WorldCharitable Giving – Equipment, Training, Volunteer Consultants As we near the end of 2019, I would […]