Join Us – Can you help?

Join Us – Can you help?

TeleEEG Clinics World Map EEG Interpretation for the developing world

TeleEEG – Recruiting Volunteer EEG Interpreters

Volunteer EEG Interpreters | Remote Support + Diagnosis of EPILEPSY

Helping people get access to professional EEG services is incredibly rewarding” – Dr Steve Coates, Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist, Founder and CEO of TeleEEG.

Could you help TeleEEG by volunteering your time to interpret remotely online?

If you would like to help, please:
Become a volunteer interpreter – remotely report on 1 or 2 cases per week.

We provide under-resourced countries with EEG equipment and train local staff on performing EEG tests. We then report EEGs for them remotely as an advisory service. This is entirely free and provided on a charitable basis.

As TeleEEG is an advisory service, the referring clinician in the designated recipient country remains responsible for their patient and so can choose to act on our EEG interpretation or not at their discretion.

We’re always accepting new requests to help us interpret EEG files.

If you are a CONSULTANT PHYSICIAN, or an EXPERIENCED TECHNICIAN with high quality training in EEG technical reporting, we would like to hear from you.

Note: Technicians will be paired to report in association with volunteering consultants.

Please complete the forms to volunteer:

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