Quality Results in Pakistan

Quality Results in Pakistan

TeleEEG Training In Pakistan
TeleEEG in Pakistan

In October 2022, Dr Steve Coates and Anne Clarke, primary care team and founding trustees behind global epilepsy charity TeleEEG, in consultation with Michael Wright and Dominic Scognamiglio of Optima Medical, were in Pakistan delivering quality training, diagnosis and advice to one of TeleEEG’s most productive epilepsy clinics. 

TeleEEG provides highly specialised medical support for those most in need, helping medical doctors in countries with diagnostic equipment and advice where no such support exists. Since February 2017 over 5,600 patients have benefitted from TeleEEG support in Nawabshah, Pakistan. A second clinic in Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan was enabled with TeleEEG in 2020.

During the visit, training included a presentation on the role of the EEG in epilepsy and technical advice regarding minimising artefacts for quality output. 

There was a serendipitous moment when one of TeleEEG’s new American volunteer interpreters raised a query via the TeleEEG remote support system regarding an urgent case he was reporting on.  As TeleEEG aims to return routine cases within 5 days and urgent cases within 24 hours, the volunteer interpreter was ensuring that the Doctor of a patient he had reported on received the report immediately.  As it transpired, not only was it instantly delivered, but it was from the clinic the team was visiting in Pakistan.  The 16-year-old patient was duly brought in the next day and his medication changed.  The clinic would repeat the EEG in a week or so and the interpreter who highlighted it would attend to the review.  A great example of how global virtual interventions can help, three countries involved in one patient case turned around in 24 hours. 

Muhammad Zaman Sumro, Health Care Professional and Founder President of the NGO Epilepsy Medicare Foundation Nawab Shah, said of the visit, “Dr Steve [Coates] was very fruitful to us because they taught us about new techniques about placing electrodes and recording methods of EEG machine. We are highly thankful to the TeleEEG team, before this patient who suffered from this disease were go to Karachi city which is round about 300 Km away from us. Now with help of Teleeeg so far 5,667 EEG reports have been done and patients got report at their doorstep (Nawabshah).”

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  1. I am highly impressed by the services Doctor Steve Coates has rendered to humanity and by the work he has done for this noble cause.
    Whenever epilepsy and EEG will be discussed Doctor Steve Coates and TeleEEG will also be remembered.

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