Haiti & Zambia | USA & 2020

Haiti & Zambia | USA & 2020

Haiti Porto Prince TeleEEG Clinic

Haiti TeleEEG Clinic

Epilepsy Diagnosis by Telemedicine | TeleEEG Clinics in the Developing World
Charitable Giving – Equipment, Training, Volunteer Consultants

As we near the end of 2019, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you for your continued support and contribution to TeleEEG. 

We extend our warmest of welcomes to new clinics, volunteer consultants, specialists, partners and friends.  It’s fantastic to have you as part of the team, each contribution you make is extremely valuable, helpful and meaningful.  Be that training, equipment, diagnosis or encouragement, it all combines to make our charitable service something very special indeed.  

  • Since September this year, we have enabled 3 new clinics.
  • This brings our total to 34 clinics in 16 countries.
  • Supported by 46 volunteer consultants and specialists. 

In September this year we visited Zambia where we met with Anthony Zimba, Epileptologist with the Epilepsy Association of Zambia.  Anthony is also Treasurer of the International Bureau for Epilepsy.  Anthony speaking of the TeleEEG visit to the Epilepsy Association of Zambia Centre, says;

They donated EEG Machine with all accessories. They spent three days with us during which they trained eight health workers from our centre and two from Government hospitals. We are very grateful for their support as the Machine will greatly help us in diagnosing epilepsy. During our discussion we mentioned the difficulties we are facing in accessing medication especially for children and those with intractable seizures.

Since the visit we have been able to refer the clinic to our partners at the ROW Foundation to connect with ROW Programme Manager Lori Harrirell who kindly reports;

“A national epilepsy association with clinical services is a great candidate for a ROW medication grant. We look forward to working with the Zambia Epilepsy Association in 2020.”

In November, we were able to facilitate the remote training by video and virtual set-up of a new clinic in Haiti.  It’s been super to see the staff there developing in confidence and capability to bring this much needed new service to their area.

This work to help close the epilepsy treatment gap, in under-resourced countries throughout Central and South America, Africa and Asia, is increasingly being commended around the world and we want to do more.

It costs just £6,000 to enable each new clinic with an EEG machine, in-person training for 3 healthcare staff and ongoing remote support technologies. All ongoing EEG interpretation and diagnosis is delivered free of charge by our incredible team of volunteer Doctors.   

“If you, or someone you know, can help contribute to the set-up of these new clinics by way of donation of funds or equipment for EEG interpretation then please donate online or let us know

I look forward to sharing further updates with you as together we continue to expand the reach of our charitable TeleEEG services.   For more about our partnerships around the world, see below. 

Best wishes for 2020, from and for all in our Global Team TeleEEG

Dr Steven Coates, CEO TeleEEG

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